1. Sada James Testimony

" My life and journey consists of music and I learn to build from the ground up and observe as much as I can, from different genres of music. I come from a short-term struggle in my life, which allows me to open up more to the people around me and push more so that mines won't want for anything.


Since I was six years old I always had the passion to sing and write music, I was inspired by my father. I began to see how my voice became interesting and charming to my audience, from singing in church, school and family.


As an adult my upcoming dream is to be a music artist. I push myself day by day, by writing music and spending all of my time in the studio. I surround myself with positive people that believe and fully support me. I network and travel and meet new artists, we work and do collaborations so that we each build our own names. In my journey of music I’ve had performances in different cities and states. By performing each time I learned something different to make me a better performer. I interact with my fans because they believe in me and they support and show love to my music.


It is such a blessing and shock to know that I have fans that depend on my next move. "

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