Since the age of five, Sada, born Asada Khem James, has had the blood of an entertainer coursing through her veins, as she regularly puts on vocal exhibitions for her earliest audiences while accompanying her mom at the salon. Sada would gain further musical influence throughout her childhood from her family, alongside her also musically-talented sisters.

Like all great artists before her, Sada found the strength to turn pain into fuel for her musical aspirations, harnessing it as an emotional launching pad for the dreams he helped to create.

Having studied Ballet and Vocal at Cincinnati, Ohio’s nationally-renowned School of Creative and Performing Arts, Sada gained training and education from the best to further develop her vocal talent, dancing, and choreography skills beyond that of the everyday dreamer.

Anyone can try to do music on the side of their job and everyday responsibilities, but it takes one with a relentless drive to make the difficult decisions that Sada has made, such as setting aside her job to pursue her music with her undivided attention. From playing house parties for a completely unfamiliar crowd to open mic’s in front of an endearing audience, Sada always brings everything she has to the stage.

Although centered around the hardships and hurt experienced over the years, such as in her 2015 video for “O.T.F.”, Sada places importance on radiating happiness in her performances, giving the audience a blend of relatable emotions and good vibes.

With a strong and dedicated support system, her friends, family and growing fanbase, Sada is excited to continue her musical journey with them through several new singles on the way, including a big artist collaboration and accompanying visuals. It’s only the beginning for this young, passionate and grinding artist.

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